Posted by: Shellca | 29 November 2008

Frank Tapping ~ page 9

Frank Tapping (1889 – 1963)

Written by Mark Tapping

In 1956 Frank’s brother Bert, then retired and living in Bierton near Aylesbury, died as did his brother-in-law John Adams in 1959.  Early in 1962 his dear sister Kit also died, in the Royal Bucks Hospital in Aylesbury.  Later that year – now over 73 years old – Frank himself became ill and suffered from a number of strokes.  His condition gradually became worse and although cared for at home with great devotion by his wife, at length he had to be moved to hospital.  He was taken to Graylingwell Hospital in Chichester, Sussex where, in spite of extremely inclement weather, he was visited daily by his wife – herself now over 70 years old – and by his daughter and other close relatives including his son Mark who was able to fly to England from Rhodesia for the purpose.  The deterioration on Frank’s condition continued and on 27th February, 1963 he died of bronchopneumonia and cerebral arteriosclerosis.

Frank was cremated at the Brighton Crematorium where the Book of Remembrance bearing his memorial is inscribed with these true and well deserved words:-

“Dearly loved – happily remembered”

~ end ~


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