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Florence Tapping ~ page 2

Florence Ethel Tapping (1891 – 1986)

Written by Mark Tapping

By 1913 Flo was working in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (she worked as a waitress for awhile in order to be able to pay back her Salvation Army loan) and here she met a dashing young salesman from Lancashire named Walter Featherstone.  They fell in love and were married in Saskatoon on June 6, 1913.  They moved a little later to Edmonton in Alberta and here, in Entwistle suburb, their son Warren

Florence, 1913

Florence, 1913

Cory was born on October 12, 1914.

By now World War 1 had begun in Europe and Canada soon joined in.  A Canadian Expeditionary Force was organised for service in Europe and in due course Walter joined the Fort Garry Horse and soon found himself back in England, being trained for service in the trenches.  This was not his object.  Before leaving England to go to Canada, he had been among the first people to obtain a licence to fly from the Royal Aeronautical Society.  He now applied for and obtained transfer as a Second Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps.

Flo was now living in Winnipeg with young son Warren but decided that this was too far from her husband and life was too difficult trying to support herself and look after Warren, all by herself.  So she decided to brave the submarine menace and return to England.  This she managed to arrange, arriving back safely.  Unfortunately, she had only a short period of happiness before her husband was fatally wounded in a flying accident and died on October 3, 1917 in the Royal Flying Corps Hospital in Eaton Square, London.

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