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Florence Tapping ~ page 3

Florence Ethel Tapping (1891 – 1986)

Written by Mark Tapping

Florence shopping in Aylesbury

Florence shopping in Aylesbury

Flo lived for awhile in Beaconsfield with her sister Edie Montague and so Walter was buried in Beaconsfield Churchyard.

While she had been overseas Flo’s parents had moved back to Old Manor Farm in Marsworth and while here and also while living at times with sisters Edie and Alice, Flo renewed her acquaintance with a school friend’s brother, Frank Tapping, who had returned from Egypt and been demobilised in 1919.  They decided to get married and on July 14, 1921 they were married in St. Jude’s Church in Golders Green, London.  This marriage lasted happily for 42 years, until 1963 when Frank died.  I add that, although money was always scarce, I do not believe that in all that time, they ever spoke an harsh word to each other.

Frank took his bride to live in a semi-detached house in Rowsham which was ‘tied’ to a farm there which was being run by his father.  It was here that son Mark was born on May 10, 1922 and soon after, Frank’s father made Woodlands Farm, near Quainton, available to Frank.  Here they lived for some six years and here their daughter Monica Jane was born in 1926.  Flo’s son Warren attended the Wycombe Royal Grammar School and, when he was old enough, Mark went to Quainton School.  Flo had her own piano and liked to play and sing: her favourite song was “Cherry ripe, cherry ripe” but Brahms’ Cradle Song also figured in her repertoire.  It was Flo who persuaded Frank to have a telephone line erected to the Farm.

Unfortunately, the world was beginning to suffer from a great depression and farming experienced particularly hard time.  So hard, that Frank and Flo, perhaps influenced by optimistic reports received from Australia, decided to leave Woodlands and join John Hall in Western Australia.  They booked passage on the Aberdeen and Commonwealth’s ship, the ‘S.S. Hobson’s Bay‘ and sailed from Southampton in 1929 for Fremantle, calling at Malta and Colombo on the way.

Beaconsfield Shepherds Lane Cemetery, photo by Peter Underwood

Beaconsfield Shepherds Lane Cemetery, photo by Peter Underwood

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