Posted by: Shellca | 5 October 2010

1953 December 16

You know the address

My dearest “hubby”

Only this short note.  Tomorrow it will be just two months hey?  It feels like ages to me, but wonderful ages!!

Giving me a hiding when we’re not even married – for two months.  My!  dear you do surprise me sometimes.  Thank you my love for the very nice gift tonight.

It feels “funny” (if I may say so) to write a long letter to you.  I’m not used to it any more, but I can at least try, can’t I?

Honey, you are really being far too wonderful to me.  Buying me all sorts of presents and giving me such a lot of money to spend.  (Although I must say, that I like it.)

I don’t know whether you’ll notice this tomorrow, but you probably will do, before you go to work, or before lunch time.

I am really looking forward to having lunch with you every day.

Just this – and all for LOVE.

The one little word that can mean so much, and that can also change so many things.

My heart feels too small for all the happiness sometimes!!  So only this,

“To my chubby little hubby,
who isn’t really chubby,
but a wonderful hubby.”

Oh no! if I start writing now, I’ll never finish anything, & you’re tired, so I better go to bed as well.  So remember my love, I really & truly love you with all my heart.

I’ve got nothing else to offer you,
only my love.  It is all yours.

I love you,
Yours for ever,