Posted by: Shellca | 7 October 2010

1953 May 29/30

c/o Barclays Bank,
P.O. Box 115
Fort Victoria
11 pm.  (29th May)

Hello honey,

Here I am again.  Only a short note tho!  The service was really wonderful!  More people than last night.  I don’t suppose I’ll be able to go home for the weekend, because we’ll probably have to work late tomorrow & with the new assistant around … !

Darling I have been reading some of the very first letters that you wrote to me.  (when you were still in Ft. Vic.)  Wonderful little letters!  I’ll save them all up for our grand children one day hey?

Please excuse this terrible mess.  I left my Parker somewhere, now I’ve got some some sort of “thing” here, that I am trying to write with.

Honey, our little town looks like a real “fairy-land” now.  All the coloured lights – even Barclays Bank, as for Standard Bank & Daly’s, & the lot.

Honey don’t bite your nails!  Oh no!  I’m sorry (with a smile) you don’t bite your nails, you tear bits off.  That is very naughty of you!

Honey I’ll write a few lines in the Bank tomorrow, when I’ve got my Parker back.

So ’till then,
Yours, Dassie [Cathy’s nickname]

30th May 1953
(In the Bank)

Hello Dearest,

Mr. Delamere has arrived yesterday & of course started this morning.  My! but he is a big bloke!  It is quite okay Sweetheart, I’m not a bit interested & won’t be either.  I’ll give Miss. Vermark a chance to get a husband too.  Thelma thinks he’s very smart!

Wow honey! there is a lot of stuff in already, & we have only just opened the doors!

I want to go to P.O. to see if there’s any mail from you.

Honey ’till later,
Yours forever,
all my love,